Enjoying October

01.10 - 31.10.2020

Do you also think that exciting excursions and culinary highlights belong together? Pack your bags and visit us to discover the most beautiful sides of the Brenta Dolomites as well as the best wines and delicacies from Trentino.

Information and details

  • Monday, Wednesday and Saturday: guided hikes with Brentawalk
  • Tuesday: wine tasting with different product from the region
  • Friday: Chestnuts & Mulled wine
  • Sunday: after dinner grappa tasting from distillery Marzadro at 8:30 pm
  • Light lunch
  • Afternoon buffet
  • Access to the wellness center

*Minimum stay: 3 nights

Special offers

Weekend at Solea

29.08 – 26.10.2020

Do you want a short wellness break in a place where you feel completely free and pampered? Choose Solea then, where there are no limits to emotions…

Autumn: 2 nights and € 50

01.09 - 31.10.2020

With the still mild temperatures, the holiday mood is rekindled! Spend with us an extraordinary short stay and we will offer you a voucher to spend in the hotel!

Remise en form for her & him

01.09 - 31.10.2020

Let yourself be pampered and relax with exclusive wellness treatments in our modern wellness oasis, surrounded by the breathtaking Brenta Dolomites.

Together is better!

01.09 - 31.10.2020

Happiness means to love and to be loved – in our Boutique Hotel you can enjoy romantic hours of togetherness together with your sweetheart and indulge yourself completely in lightness during pleasant wellness treatments.

Enjoying October

01.10 - 31.10.2020

Do you also think that exciting excursions and culinary highlights belong together? Pack your bags and visit us to discover the most beautiful sides of the Brenta Dolomites as well as the best wines and delicacies from Trentino.

Romantic October 4 for 3

03.10 - 31.10.2020

Autumn covers everything with gold and red. In our boutique hotel you can breathe in its charm and spend wonderful days in the embrace of the Dolomites. First class dishes and a fantastic wellness centre complete the action, well almost…..yes,...

The hottest October at Solea

12.10 - 31.10.2020

You and your sweetheart are looking for a romantic retreat in a private place? Then move to Solea! In our wellness and sauna refuge you will experience hot moments of relaxation and in your cuddling room you will find enough space for deep fellings.

Halloween Special

29.10 - 01.11.2020

Make your Halloween magical by spending it in the charming crepuscular of the Paganella plateau. For you, a treatment to......scream about!

Christmas charm 5 for 4

19.12 – 26.12.2020

The snow falling. The fragrance of cinnamon, of mulled wine, of chestnuts and sweets. The multicoloured lights which decorate the houses, trees and streets. And then there is also us to render your Christmas special…

New Years Eve at the Solea

26.12.2020 – 02.01.2021

To celebrate in style the arrival of 2021, choose the Solea, refined elegance which permeates each room, delicious gastronomy and relaxation with no boundaries. Are you ready to raise a toast?

Skiing holiday 4 for 3 and 7 for 5

06.01 - 17.01.2021

Magnificent perfectly prepared slopes and futuristic skilifts await you here at Altopiano della Paganella, “Promise land” of skiing. Come and discover it!

Winter wonderland 7 for 6

17.01 - 23.01.2021

Immerse yourself in the soft snow with your skies or snowboard, gaze through the white peaks and breathe the fresh mountain air – after returning at Solea we await you in our wellness oasis to pamper you all round.

The Paganella and the snow 4 for 3

23.01 - 06.02.2021

A candid white cloak covers Paganella giving life to landscaped scenery that enchants both the eyes and the heart. Come and admire it for yourselves and take advantage of this clamorous offer…

Valentine's Day Special

11.02 - 14.02.2021

There were those who said that all you need is love. Add to that, the relaxation of an exclusive wellness centre and the culinary pleasure of a gourmet restaurant, and all that remains is to agree with them.

Carnival Special

11.02 - 16.02.2021

The most exciting festival of the year should be celebrated in a special place, in a setting of sober elegance and gratifying relaxation. Are you ready to paint your winter with joyful colours?

Beneath the march sun 4 for 3 and 7 for 5

01.03 – 20.03.2021

The temperatures sweeten and spring is at the door. Enjoy this stupendous change of season in our boutique hotel. Plus, we will offer you up to 2 nights free!

Relaxing break 3 for 2

21.03 – 31.03.2021

Spring has come to life and the holiday mood makes itself felt. Spend a short holiday at the Solea and when choosing a stay of 3 nights, 1 is free of charge!

Easter in the Dolomites

01.04 - 05.04.2021

The sun shines high up in the sky, the mountain air is fresh and then there are the fabulous highlights of our boutique hotel which render your Easter a break of golden wonders…

Gourmet Solea

Valid throughout the season

Exquisite flavours, inviting fragrances, creative and surprising combinations. This is the gastronomy at Solea. Come and delight your taste buds with dishes prepared by our chef Michele Perlot during a fabulous dinner for two…

One night free 4 for 3

Valid throughout the season*

Do you want to spend carefree days in the pursuit of well-being and pleasure? And Solea does not offer only this: as a gift, we offer you one night free!

Friends at Solea

Valid throughout the season

Concede yourselves a break of wellbeing with your best friend. Awaiting you are moments of pure relaxation as well as delicious delicacies from the Trento cuisine.

Anniversary at Solea

Valid throughout the season

Surprise your partner with a special gift: a stay of wellbeing at the Solea Boutique & Spa Hotel with gourmet dinner included.

Solea Loves E-Mobility

Offer valid all season

Silent ... eco-friendly ... with low fuel consumption and emissions ... How can you not love electric cars? We love them and we reward your sensitivity to the environment with a special proposal: when you spend at least three nights in our boutique...

Solea`s friends

Valid throughout the season

Amongst the values that we appreciate the most, there is also loyalty and to celebrate we have put together a package which allows you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Honeymoon at Solea

Valid throughout the season

There are emotions to celebrate, sentiments to preserve with care and relationships that deserve all our attention. Come to Solea with your other half and dedicate yourselves to the thousands aspects of love.

Expectant mothers at Solea

Valid throughout the season

Nine months to take even more care of yourself, a holiday put together to meet the needs of future mothers. Solea, knows how to pamper all the ladies.

Vintage cars at Solea

Valid throughout the season

Drive along roads full of u bends which offer a view over the Dolomites of Brenta, go back to the hotel and relax in the exclusive wellness centre to then be delighted by a gastronomic offer worthy of a top restaurant. Have we convinced you yet?

Solea in love

Valid throughout the season

There are those who say that all you need is love. And, if we add relaxation in an exclusive wellness centre and the culinary pleasure of a gourmet restaurant, you can only say they are right.

Birthday at Solea

Valid throughout the season

Spend the happiest day of the year at the Solea, in the picture setting of the Majestic Dolomites of Brenta. Let yourselves be pampered, and let us take care of the rest!

One night at Solea

Valid for the whole season

Treat yourself to a unique and enveloping experience, the opportunity to recharge your batteries in the beautiful setting of the Dolomites with free access to our wellness center. A real treat for the senses...

Time for yourself

Valid throughout the season

Take time for yourself: respect your own rhythms, follow your desires, allow yourself the luxury of thinking about you. An exception to make habit.

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