How to relax in a wellness hotel in Trentino

A relaxation dream on
1500 m²

Step into a world where time loses its meaning and where you can reconnect completely with the inner core of your being. You can float in the water, relax on the suspended loungers in the relaxation room, enjoy the soothing warmth of the saunas or get a revitalising massage. In the spa area, the boundaries of a wellness hotel in Trentino blur with a whole new reality, where nothing has to be but everything can be. Just like the water, all your energy gets back into the flow.

Our sauna worlds
It’s getting hot in here …

The fragrance of wood and pleasant herbs. Relaxing vapours and soothing heat followed by stimulating cold. Enjoy the moment in which everything seems to melt away, your mind finds peace and your senses are awakened.

Weightlessly glide into happiness
Feel like you’re being reborn

Dive into our heated indoor and outdoor pools and feel all your tension dissolve. Enjoy the pleasant warmth that surrounds your skin and let the whirlpool loungers gently give you a massage.